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Everybody Needs A Reason (Michael Bolton)

Everybody needs a reason
To make it through another day
And everybody needs a reason
Try and find another way

I've been up, I've been down
Seemed like one long, lonely ride
Wish I'd been usin', time I could be usin'
To learn about myself inside
That's not a hard thing to do

Everybody needs a reason
Doesn't matter who they are
And everybody needs a reason
To make it to the shootin' star

So many people, don't understand
Never live, but waiting to die
I wish I could reach them
I really wanna teach them
Something so good going on inside

Maybe they don't like it, maybe they do
This is the way, it's all coming true
Everybody needs a reason
Everybody needs to know
Maybe things are changin'
I really don't know
Knowing things is helping to grow

Everybody needs a reason
Everybody needs to know
(Repeat X3)

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