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Forever Isnt Long Enough (Michael Bolton)

The tickin' of the clock, the beating of my heart
Pounding like a drum in the dark for you
If I could conquer time, I'd love you day and night
And make this moment last, baby all my life
Ask me how long I'll need you
Ask me how long I'll be there
Forever isn't long enough, to give you my love,
To give you my love
Till the end of time isn't time enough
For everything I wanna do
Forever isn't long enough, to give all my love, to you
I watch you as you sleep, I'm jealous of the night
I'd steal you from your dreams, just to buy more time
So much in my heart, so much in my soul
A lifetime ain't enough to ever let you know
Tell me this will be for always
Tell me you'll always be there
'Cause the time is passin' by, and the more it slips away
When I look into your eyes, I know...baby
It isn't long enough, to give you my love
Forever ain't enough to give it all to you
There isn't time enough to see it all through
Forever ain't enough to give my love to you

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