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In The Arms of Love (Michael Bolton)

I see your face and feel your heartache
I see the trace of the tears you have cried
The silent sound of the heart left unspoken
You were strong enough to hide
All your life, no one's ever shown you
What it's really like to have someone to hold you
In the arms of love, heaven's just a heartbeat away
I'll be your light in the dark, your shield from the storm
Your shelter from the rain
And in the arms of love I'll lift you above all the madness
All of the pain
And you'll be safe and warm here in the arms of love
We search this world for a little compassion
For just one look through the eyes of a child
For one more chance to be a believer
While there's still a chance in time
All your life no one there beside you
Close your eyes and let this moment find you
High above the world where dreams are sailing
Far beyond the brightest shinin' star
Where everything you've waited for is waiting
I'll keep you far from harm here in the arms of love

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