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Blackjack ~ Worlds Apart

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Love Cuts Deep (Michael Bolton)

You're knockin' on my door
Say ya want me back again
Say ya wanna try once more
But a broken heart don't mend

Wasn't all that long ago
You swore that we were through
Don't know what you want from me
Don't know what I need from you

First you feel the pain
Then you start to cry
When someone breaks your heart
Just makes you wanna die

Ya feel you can't go on
Can't face another day
Until the hurt is gone
Love cuts you deep that way

I remember I gave my heart completely
I remember the lessons that you taught me

Love cuts deep, baby, love cuts deep
And it leaves a scar
Right across your heart

First you feel the pain
Then you start to cry
When someone breaks your heart
Love cuts you deep inside

I used to call your name
But you were never there
And now you came to me
Expecting me to care

I remember the words you once said to me
Like a knife, those words just cut right through me


You give your heart to somebody
You give your soul to someone
You love somebody
You love somebody
And they're gone, gone, gone

You gave your heart to somebody
You gave your soul to someone
You loved somebody
You loved somebody
And they're gone, gone
Somebody finally taught you


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