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Soul of my Soul (Michael Bolton)

We may be strangers
We may be worlds apart sometimes
And it's hard to accept
The things we just don't understand
So blind to each other
We only see one side of nowhere
Some things we may never know
If there's one thing you should ever know
Soul of my soul, heart of my heart
The greatest treasure of my life that's what you are
Soul of my soul, child of my heart
I love you more than you know, soul of my soul
Into this world
We come with a heart that's open wide
And the best of this life
Is all I ever want for you
The love you believe in, your every dream
Your every passion
In time I know you'll come to see
Nothin' means as much to me
There'll come a time when you'll be on your own
But in your heart you're never far from home
Every road you take
Your every living day
You will always be, you will always be
The soul of my soul

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