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Whenever i Remember Loving You (Michael Bolton)

When the rain is fallin' and I'm overcome
With the doubts and demons of a love undone
No voice need tell me that you were the one

Oh I'll remember all my life
A love that set me free
Whatever comes of you and I
I will still believe
That once upon a time a dream came true
Whenever I remember loving you

Not a single moment, not a single kiss
Would I have traded, would I have missed
No other could ever move me like this

It's not that I don't feel the pain as deep as pain can be
But I will not be denied the light
Your love has brought to me
What you've given me will last forever
I refuse to lose the treasure
Of you inside my heart eternally

I'll always feel the love we once knew
As long as I remember loving you

Oh I'll remember loving you
Oh I'll remember all my life

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