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Why me (Michael Bolton)

I wake up while you lie sleepin'
I take one look at you and wonder
Am I still dreamin'
Are you some kind of angel
Come down to save me
Or just some place my imagination's tryin' to take me
What have I done to deserve what I feel
You give me somethin' that's too good to be real
How does a treasure like you fall into my hands
I need to know just one thing
I still don't understand

Why do you love me
Why do you give so much
How do you heal the pain within me
Is it the power of your touch
Now that you've opened up the heavens
For this heart of mine to see
I've become the richest man that I could ever be
Baby why, baby why me
Why me, Why me

I ain't got a clue, maybe just a notion
Sometimes I'm helplessly adrift out in the ocean
I feel like a child with one sole intention
In search of an answer that defies all comprehension

I'm in too deep but that's what you're all about

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