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Blackjack ~ Worlds Apart

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Every Day Of My Life

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Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
(Paul McCartney) McCartneyMcCartney II 13 2011. McCartney 1970, ࠫMcCartneyII 1980-.

CD, DVD -.

McCartney 蠫McCartneyII . 73 Band onthe Run, 2010.

McCartney CD -, DVD, 128- , ࠫMcCartneyII CD , DVD 128- .

Abbey Road.

- :


CD1 Remastered Album

The Lovely Linda
That Would BeSomething
Valentine Day
Every Night
Hot AsSun/Glasses
Man WeWas Lonely
Momma Miss America
Teddy Boy
Singalong Junk
Maybe Im Amazed

CD2 Bonus Audio Tracks

Suicide (outtake)
Maybe Im Amazed (fromTV special One Hand Clapping)
Every Night (live inGlasgow, 1979)
Hot AsSun (live inGlasgow, 1979)
Maybe Im Amazed (Live inGlasgow, 1979)
Dont Cry Baby (outtake)
Women Kind (demo)

DVD Bonus Film

The Album Story
The Beach
Maybe Im Amazed (music video)
Suicide (fromTV special One Hand Clapping)
Every Night (live atConcert For The People OfKampuchea)
Hot AsSun (live atConcert For The People OfKampuchea)
Junk (MTV Unplugged)
That Would BeSomething (MTV Unplugged)

McCartney II:

CD1 Remastered Album

Coming Up
Temporary Secretary
OnThe Way
Nobody Knows
Front Parlour
Summers Day Song
Frozen Jap
Bogey Music
One OfThese Days

CD2 Bonus Audio 1

Blue Sway (with Richard Niles orchestration)
ComingUp (live inGlasgow)
Check MyMachine (edit)
Bogey Wobble
Secret Friend
MrHAtom/ You Know Ill Get You Baby
Wonderful Christmastime (edit)
All You Horse Riders/ Blue Sway

CD3 Bonus Audio 2

ComingUp (full length version)
Front Parlour (full length version)
Frozen Jap (full length version)
Darkroom (full length version)
Check MyMachine (full length version)
Wonderful Christmastime (full length version)
Summers Day Song (original without vocals)
Waterfalls (DJedit)

DVD Bonus Film

Meet Paul McCartney
ComingUp (music video)
Waterfalls (music video)
Wonderful Christmastime (music video)
ComingUp (live atthe Concert For The People OfKampuchea)
ComingUp (taken from arehearsal session atLower Gate Farm, 1979)
Making the ComingUp music video
Blue Sway

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